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Treatment & Care

Timber is a product of nature which reacts to moisture and climatic changes.

Our products should therefore be treated with the same care as a piece of finely crafted furniture.


Added value for customers.

The custom design Starpak shrink wrapping machine offers yet another high quality standard.

Lotus Wood Products provides added value to customers by shrink wrapping products and thereby ensuring that they arrive at their destination safely and in tip-top condition.

Shrink wrapping:

  • keeps the doors clean, particularly from dust

  • protects the doors from chipping when being handled and transported

  • allows for the insertion of an informative door care leaflet

  • assuring protection and quality for arrival on site

Handling and Storage.

  • Doors and windows should be handled carefully to avoid physical damage

  • Store products under cover in a dry, ventilated building

  • They should be stored flat (never on edge, or on end)

  • Doors and windows should be protected from dirt and damage

  • Doors should not be exposed to any direct sunlight because of harmful U-V rays

  • Heavy bollection doors should be stacked with spacers to avoid damage

On Site Handling.

Protect doors and windows during site operations as outlined previously.

Products should not be stored or fitted in a building until all wet trades are finished and dried out.

Installation and Care.

Every Lotus product is delivered with a full set of installation instructions. They should be fitted square, true and plumb in accordance with our directions, within the first 48 hours ON SITE. Keep the mortice lock cavity to a minimum size and do not fit at the rail joint.


Immediately after fitting and PRIOR to hanging the door, apply two coats of Certified Wood Sealer to all edges (including top and bottom, all 6 sides, cut-outs for locks, etc) to prevent absorption of moisture.

Finishing Recommendations.

  • Clean door surface with fine sandpaper and cloth

  • Apply first coat on all edges and sides

  • Store flat in closed area

  • Maximum of 3mm can be planed off all four edges

  • After preparation for fitting, re-seal all planed edges

  • After hanging, seal with 2 final coats of Certified Wood Sealer. NB! If a door is painted with dark paint or dark stain, it will fall out of the manufacturer’s warranty


Inspect the condition of all internal and external joinery, especially the decorative and glazing system and treat annually with a Certified Wood Sealer at 6 monthly intervals and carry out remedial work as required.

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